Penn Hyperloop

Penn Hyperloop is a new team at Penn, founded by SpaceX engineers, aimed at revolutionizing transport, building reusable tunnel boring machines, competing in the annual Not-a-Boring Competition to dig a 30 meter long tunnel for Elon Musk’s The Boring Company. We do all engineering from first-principles and move extremely quickly with an iterative approach to design, build, test, repeat aiming for the most effective and simplest solution possible. We prioritize hands-on learning and building everything from scratch ourselves. Our team is a fast-track to working at companies like SpaceX, The Boring Company, Tesla, and Neuralink directly as well as Venture Capital.

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Penn Electric Racing is a completely student-run project with the purpose of designing, building, and racing clean energy vehicles. Students are involved in design, construction, management, fundraising and educational outreach.



The mission of Penn Aerial Robotics is to engage undergraduate students of the University of Pennsylvania in the development of aerial robots and unmanned aerial vehicles. The club aims to do so by providing students with the resources to construct, develop and test robots, travel to and compete at inter-collegiate competitions, and connect with people who share this same passion.



Our space is a toolbox for students and alumni to innovate and connect through open collaboration, social events, and professional and mentorship opportunities. A place to build whenever students have project ideas whether for a class assignment or beyond.