Management and Technology Summer Institute (M&TSI)

The Management & Technology Summer Institute (M&TSI) is a rigorous and rewarding for-credit summer program for rising high school seniors and a select number rising of high school juniors interested in exploring the integration of technological concepts and management principles. It is an extremely rigorous, non-stop, fast-paced college course that introduces students to the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary for successfully linking technology and management concepts in just three weeks… here for enrollment and application information.

For summer 2020, (co-instructors, Jeffrey Babin and Sid Deliwala) 94 students enrolled in the program were encouraged to create technology driven products using skills they learned during the first 2 weeks of the class.

Technology Presentations (MTSI 2020) Part 1 of 2

Technology Presentations (MTSI 2020) Part 2 of 2

M&TSI 2020 TA Team

(Lead TA Team)Amy Zhou
Leslie Birch
Jong Min Choi

Anshul Choudhari
Cole Fairchild
Kshitiz Garg
Maya Guru
Tingting Huang

Bryan Romanow
Alex Ruhl
Kaitlynn Soo
Aliris Tang

Liam Hosey

Natalie Yee