NodeMCU is a low-cost open source IoT platform. If you are planning on working on campus, you must acquire a registered NodeMCU from Detkin Lab. Check that there is a green label on the bottom of the device.

IoT Platforms

BLYNK and Adafruit IO are two IoT platforms that can be used with NodeMCU. Below is a brief comparison chart of the two platforms:

BLYNKAdafruit IO
– Has both web dashboard and mobile dashboard
– Limited number of widgets on free plan
– Has web dashboard only
– Limited publish rate of 20 times per minute for free plan

Choose the platform that best suits your application. Note that the sample code given in each example will need to be altered for your specific application.


Follow these instructions to create a Blynk application using the NodeMCU.

B. Adafruit IO

Follow these instructions to create an Adafruit IO application using the NodeMCU.